Friday, July 30, 2010

I am too much of a nerd.

This is my take on the song "Billionaire" by Travis McCoy. Yeah...Oh, I didn't finish the entire song. If you want to, be my guest =D


I want to get a Beta Invite so fricking bad
See all of this stuff we’re gonna have
I wanna roll my new Worgen rogue and start clean
Questing next to others just like me

Every time I close my eyes
I see my Worgen standing in moonlight
Checking out different stuff every night
I swear I’ve gotta prepare
For when this goes live, I swear!

Yup, I would write a blog like Matticus
This would be like early Christmas
This is Gneisha’s wishlist
I’d probably dance around in real life
Eagerly explore everything in sight
Spend all my gold on new skills, omgz gimme this!
At the moment this is my biggest wish
Last expansion landed on my birthday so
Blizzard, that was a nice gift, you go!
Refreshing MMO-Champ like every 5 minutes
A beta invite would make me ecstatic
Can’t forget about screenshots
Cataclysm-themed for my desktop!

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