Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is what I do when I'm so tired that my eyes are watering when I yawn and I practically look like I'm crying.

It's 3:20 AM and apparently Steve (the boyfriend) becomes increasingly hyper the closer it gets to morning.

I'm playing the Foo Fighers Skin and Bones CD I bought earlier and he's drumming on things (including me) and singing then he had to go kill shit and that's okay cause he means pixels.

The computer room is already dangerously close to becoming messy again cause my brother and Steve got McDonalds and the garbage is spread around the room cause we can't be bothered to go throw stuff in the trash can like normal people.

Oh there's no bag in the trash can. Trash cans. There's two. Neither have bags. Huh.

I forgot to vacuum the cobwebs off the ceiling and I randomly remember their up there and it's pretty gross cause there's bugs caught in them too.

Ugh I'm tired. Normally I'm asleep by now but I don't have to work tomorrow. I do have to get up by like noon though and clean some more. And start moving things. If I get permission and a key.

#2 on my top 25 most played songs in iTunes is the Thong Song by Sisqo. I have great taste.

Oooooh cold chill. Gonna go bite Steve cause I want a hug. I don't think it's the normal way of getting a hug but I don't care.

It was only partially successful. I got a kind-of hug while he mostly ignored the fact I was nomming on his shoulder and continued to sing. I think I ended up annoying him after a bit cause he offered me a toenail clipping then complained about the tank in his heroic (Occy).

I should totally go to bed now...

Rawr Rawr Rawrgity Rawrg!

You were scared. Admit it.

P.S. Twitter is broken. It may have shit the bed. Which is really a lot more gross than peeing the bed.

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