Monday, June 7, 2010

This Blog Post is Mandatory.

So every year my job holds crew meetings that are MANDATORY for everyone. I went last year and it was probably the stupidest and most boring crap I've ever been to. We had to sit in a circle and introduce ourselves (our name, which store we worked at and how long we'd been there), cause you know we might actually care. I know I didn't. Then we got to stare into space while the owner of the stores rambled on about new products we'd be getting, promotions we'd be running, etc. After staring into space for awhile, I got distracted by the owner's mustache. To clarify, the owner is a woman. Yeah.

They're holding them again this year at the end of the month and I desperately want to find a new job before I have to go to them again :( I know that's probably not happening, but I can dream.

They're also making us to anonymous surveys - I'm all for surveys but it's either I tell them what I really think of the place or I lie my ass off, and since I'm always afraid they're going to find out which survey is mine, I lie my ass off. Sigh.

On a not-work related note, I ran a rather successful 10 man ICC :] It was more of an alt run but we got to Sindragosa before wipes forced us to call it. Other than that, our only other wipes were on Lana'thel. AND I managed to get the bite first with my druid :D :D :D I felt important.

Mmmm, biting.

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