Monday, June 14, 2010

I was productive today! Yay!

Today I undertook a massive task:

I began to clean my apartment.

Now, I'm supposed to be out of this place by the end of the month (today is the 14th) and me and the boyfriend have been procrastinating...a lot. So far the only thing we really did was take a table apart and give it to his mother (along with the 4 beat up chairs that went with it.)

Oh, and he started to bag up some of the dirty clothes strewn all over the floor of our bedroom. He filled one bag before getting distracted or something. Then I got in trouble for not doing anything yet - hmph!

Today I got it into my head that "I'd show him!" I took him to work, put off cleaning for about another hour while I browsed YouTube and bought a CD on iTunes. Then I decided I really should do something so I put on big baggy PJ pants and went to town on our computer room (which, incidentally, is also the room with the most spiders besides the bathroom).

I blared Foo Fighters from my computer as I bravely began going through stuff, chucking garbage into big black plastic bags (filled 3 of them), separating dirty dishes from each other, and picking up random socks off the floor. I only saw 2 spiders and managed to kill both of them without having a complete meltdown. I poured out old sodas and frappes that had been sitting around for days (molding) without throwing up. I even swept the floor and vacuumed it! (We have to sweep our carpet before vacuuming because my hair is everywhere and tends to break vacuum cleaners.)

It took about two hours but I now write this in a (mostly) clean room, covered in sweat and grime and dust (SO MUCH DUST), with a Scooby-Doo band aid on one finger cause I managed to cut myself with my own fingernail. But this room is clean and ready to move.

And I have a headache and I'm hungry. Bah.


  1. you are a funny writer.
    i'm so glad that you have a clean computer room!

    is science project #2 finally out of the fridge? has it been replaced by #3 or #4?

    it was nice talking to you today. much <3

  2. Oh! I don't think there are any more science projects in the fridge - I haven't cleaned it out recently. There are like 5 leftover pizza boxes though. :D